Feeling it all and all at once. So much gratitude for yesterday’s show open at BAU: Beacon Artist Union. After nearly 10 years of healing and 3 years of manifesting artwork and poetry, I opened my inner world to the public with my show Without Fear & Full of Love. I was overwhelmed by the positive response from the show. The journey of being able to sit in my truth and fully open about my life has shifted my paradigm. I only hope that this show encourages others to not feel shame for their traumas. The first step of healing is to talk about it. There is good and there is wrong, but honesty is what bares truth.

Eternally grateful for the following people that have been key to my journey: Russell (healer, curator, photo assistant, I dedicate this show to you, my luv), Caren Charles (co-creator, painter, body painter, stylist and soul sister/close friend), Lindsey Buckley (fellow artist, muse, soul sister, model), Genevieve Wood (soul sister, mirror in healing, stylist and photo assistant), Melissa Robin (soul sister, muse), Julianna (soul sister and photo assistant), Kaitlyn Cronin (headdress extraordinaire), Andrew Zanzarella (friend and model), Jaclyn Rae (model), Rob Penner (photo assistant, printing and mounting), Mark Westin (drone operating), T.j. Squires (edit videographer and friend), Michelledana Shafran (photo assistant and friend), @lauraruggirello27 (photo assistant and friend), Danielle (photo assistant and friend), Wag Magazine (for making my story a cover and centerfold), Chronogram (for featuring my show), @baugallery (for hosting my show this month), thank you ayahuasca and pachamama, thank you yoga, thank you mountains and climbing, thank you Ishwar Puri for your spiritual guidance. I learned fearlessness through Don Spiro and love through Russ Ritell. 🙏🏼