ART SERIES at Holistic Living “Bridging the Divine” starting Dec 4th.
Mind, body, spirit heals through the prism of energetic vibration, chemistry, and consciousness, an alignment understood by ancients for millennia. Our dis-ease occurs when we are misaligned from our divine. Shamans are the bridge, offering antidotes with a trinity of medicine: plant, animal, crystal. Combined, they weave a wholistic path to bridging the divine.
In this photographic and mixed media series, I curated collections of animal medicine, plants, and crystals to form antidotal offerings to the mind.body.spirit in crisis, thematically addressing the cycles of human evolution: the destroyer, the warrior, the dancer, the divine. Each medicine offering is a call to realign, channel wisdom, and elevate your vibration to divinity.
When sitting with these relics, collections from both @russritell and I, I considered the sacred masculine within me to lead the way. Recalling the grace of the shaman in my ayahuasca ceremony, the sacred masculine cultivates a safe space while expansively leading you towards your best self. There’s been so much revival of the sacred feminine; the world is ripe to witness the healed masculine.
This ongoing series of artwork and posters will be featured at Holistic Living with Dr Michael Dardano starting December 4th at 520 Main Street, Beacon, NY. His shop and collective just opened in Beacon – vitamins, herbs, organic skin care, reiki, acupuncture, massage, organic pet care, smudge kits, crystals, and more! Please stop in during the Hop and Shop this weekend or Second Saturday next weekend. I’ll be organizing a small art reception. Details to come!