Despite my career in photography and media, I began my explorations in the arts in drawing and painting, but I left that behind 20 years ago until recently. Two years ago, I captured a self portrait that focused on the illuminating aspects of the creative process, then last spring, I did a sketch of hands haloing a face. Suddenly, I had an idea for a larger concept, that combined my sentiments on intuition, creativity, and my spirit in eternity, so with my lovely hand model Lauren, I developed this image that I turned into an oil painting. 

30 X 30
Oil on Canvas

The maverick
Fierce and full of grace

The sensitive
The listener
The intuitive

Channeling new frontier
For the collective

Eyes only tell lies
For desires blind

Vibrational waves
sing truth to the soul
Beyond the limits of control

Rise and release
Dance from darkness to light
Illuminating eternity