Bella Monnezza

OPENING MAY 11th 6-9pm, Hudson Beacon Glass

Hudson Beacon Glass, Second Floor Gallery, 162 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508 

“Our history is in our food; it embeds in our DNA. Our food comes from this planet, Gaia, The Pachamama, Mother Earth. She nourishes us with her blooms and fruits and in turn we incubate her with our decay. Compost is our offering; letting our spoils be the fuel for the next harvest season.”

Inspired by the beauty found in composting daily, I’ve collected various food items, plant clippings, dried flowers, and wasted spices over the last year and used them as subjects for this series. Employing my food styling skills, I crafted the compost, playing with its intuitive forms to create striking compositions that are as lovely as the hearty forms they arrived from.