Illustrations & Oil Painting


The medicine is in the making, but sometimes, I need to sit with the message further to move past it. Originally a photo composit from my series Without Fear and Full of Love, “Bloodline” is about grief of the loss of pregancy, which I’ve experience more times than I want to admit. It is a bloodline, severed. A channeling of a soul cut off from this life’s karma, or one to return to life in another way. I have these connections with bees, clinging to me, often on hikes, or really, all kinds of places. They are friendly and quite stubborn to stay by my side, which makes me wonder sometimes, “Is this you, the soul I’m grieving over?” I have no answers, but I’m still not over it, which is why I decided to continue the art medicine further into this detailed illustration, which I finished on Dia de los Muertos 2019. 

This is my second illustration in this style, which I’m currently painting now. I have to say, I feel most content in this medium pairing. Its flow comes naturally. I feel the intensity of the message as I focus into each shadow and curve. It brings me such joy to express myself on canvas, or in this case, on wood. 

More to come on my progress in this medium.