So this was quite an opening experience into itself, probably my most honest interview to date about my story of domestic violence and journey into healing.

A quote from Ana Joanes who hosted the Podcast: 

“Check out the new episode of #HealingOurGhosts with our very own Meghan Spiro. Meghan exhibited “Without Fear and Full of Love” a couple months back and I was blown away by the beauty and power of her work. She addresses head on spousal abuse, sexual trauma, but also the possibility of healing and her deep connection to the feminine divine. In her own words “One in four women have been a victim of severe physical violence with intimate partner in their lifetime, and I am one of them. For years, I spent my life in silence about the abuse, as it happened and in my attempts to recover. I found myself ill-equipped to handle my PTSD, my addictions, and my self-loathing. It wasn’t until I signed up to write this story and manifest these self-portraits that I actually began my deeper healing, transmuting my suffering into wisdom and my loathing into love. ” Check out Healing Our Ghosts wherever you listen to your podcast or on my site: