So honored that my entry for the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Award 2020 is featured on 🙏🏼 Thank you @beautifulbizarremagazine for featuring “Gaia’s Crown,” from my Bella Monnezza series. Feeling such gratitude. ✨

“Gaia’s Crown, Bella Monnezza”
Model: @freddya890
Compost Crown Styling & Photography: @meghanspiro

Our history is in our food; it embeds in our DNA. Gaia nourishes us with her abundance, and in turn we incubate her with our decay. Compost is our offering, letting our spoils be the fuel for the next harvest season. More than ever, Gaia is calling us back to balance, so please compost, pick up trash in nature, carry-in/carry-out, recycle, conserve energy. We are the stewards of nature. Earth Day Every Day.